Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to The Agency Code

  • 02


    • The Theory of Stock

    • The Art of Buying Time

    • Delegation vs Abdication

    • The 60 / 20 / 20 rule

    • It's All About The Leads

    • Separate Sales From Delivery

    • Fire Bad Clients

    • Empower Employees With The Truth

    • Reward Efficiency Smartly

    • Hire For The Clients You Want

    • Hire Ahead of The Curve

    • Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First

    • Emotion is The Devil

    • Manage Emotions Like Bandwidth

    • Take Control of Your Diary

    • The Negotiation Triangle

    • Make The Client Say No

    • You're Too Cheap

    • How Can We Be Better?

    • Obsess Over Quality

    • Ready To Sell Valuation

  • 03


    • Onwards To Success



Craig Rodney is a marketing agency coach who specialises in helping small to medium agencies break out of their bad habits and focus on growth and profit. Craig spent 15 years building and running one of South Africa’s most successful marketing agencies, learning many lessons along the way, and eventually selling the agency. The aim of his coaching is to accelerate his clients to success while avoiding many of the painful mistakes he made in his journey.

Craig Rodney