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The Instagram on a Budget course has been specifically created for tourism companies dealing with a disrupted and still recovering industry, where budgets are tight and marketing activities must deliver paying customers. Acclaimed tourism and Instagram specialist Craig Rodney built the course based on many years’ experience running South Africa’s largest tourism page on Instagram, combined with his 15 years’ experience building and running Africa’s largest social media marketing agency

What you'll learn

  • How to create incredible content on a limited budget

  • How to grow a large, active and engaged following

  • How to convert followers to customers

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to Instagram On A Budget

  • 02

    The Nine Instagram Considerations

    • Welcome to the Nine

    • Story Always Wins

    • The Buyer Seller Disconnect

    • The Sacrifice Principle

    • Simplicity Works

    • Be Something

    • An Audience of One

    • Signal VS Noise

    • Better VS Unique

    • The Customer's Story

  • 03

    Instagram on a Budget: Practical

    • Instagram's Content Formats

    • Instagram Strategy & Content Planning

    • Defining Audiences & Signal Content

    • Affordable Content Creation

    • Growing Your Instagram Following

    • Converting Instagram Followers Into Customers

    • Top Tips

  • 04


    • You're On Your Way


Instructor Bio:

Craig Rodney is known as “Mr Instagram” in South Africa, having spent 15 years building and finally selling Africa’s largest social media agency, and the last 8 years passionately running the @southafrica Instagram account, the largest tourism page in South Africa. Craig has invested heavily in understanding and practicing how tourism companies can convert Instagram from a content burden into a revenue making asset, and this course is the culmination of this journey.

Craig Rodney